Top 10 Surprise Military Homecomings

Top 10 Surprise Military Homecomings

A soldier reuniting with family after a deployment overseas is always a special moment. While many soldiers choose to reunite in private, others arrange elaborate homecoming events designed to surprise their loved ones in a big way.  We’ve found some super sweet military homecoming videos that are sure to make you smile.  Warning: Get the tissues!

Top 10 Surprise Military Homecomings

Star Wars Surprise

Colonel Rob Kiebler returned home from a tour of duty in Afghanistan and surprised his 5-year-old son Danny (a huge Star Wars fan) by dressing up as a Jedi knight.
Delivery from Santa

Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Richard Corrales jumped out of a present surprising his children during a visit with Santa at the mall.
A Real Kick

Five-year-old Jackson Fyffe thought he was at the California Clasico soccer match to score the first ceremonial goal before the game. Instead, he got a big surprise from his mom, Lt. Colonel Celene Fyffe.
Olive Garden Order

Sergeant Coody surprised her mom and sister by pretending to be a waitress at an Olive Garden restaurant.
Scuba Soldier

A soldier arriving from Afghanistan earlier than expected surprised his family by popping up from underwater.
Graduation Surprise

U.S. Army SGT Dennis Clement returned from Iraq and surprised his sister Desirae at her graduation.
Christmas Parade Shock

Specialist Walter Smith hid in the back seat of a police car that was part of a Christmas parade procession, and then came out of the vehicle when the car stopped in front of his family.
A Home Run

Soldier Josh Young returned from Afghanistan and surprised his 8-year-old daughter at the Salt Lake Bees Baseball game.
Hockey Homecoming

Lt. Col. Bill Scherling reunited with his daughters on the ice prior to the start of their hockey game.
An Important Meeting

LCPL Eric P., a Helicopter Mechanic at the Marine Corps Air Station New River, surprised his mom at a staged work meeting.